Présentation du Traité de droit international public du professeur Auguste Mampuya : Regards croisés sur le régionalisme africain

This paper critically presents the book Traité de droit international public (Treatise of Public
International Law) which was published by Professor Auguste Mampuya in the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2016. Given its important size, we have subjectively
chosen to focus on developments about African regionalism in order to assess the author’s
contribution to the progress of Congolese doctrine in this domain. The book examines the
issue under the title ‘Africa and International Law’. However, the analysis is very laconic.
African regionalism as such is not even defined. Instead, the author has directly searched to
answer the question as to whether African international and community law do exist or not.
Accordingly, details on African regionalism were not provided as one could have expected.
The weakness of the doctrinal construction begins with observations on the general content
of the book. But, it is more perceptible in respect of the author’s two main positions on
African regionalism, namely his late recognition of the existence of African international
law and his unfounded denial of African community law. This critical presentation identifies
the limits of these positions and explains their scope. The final goal is to shed more
light on some aspects of such a controversial legal topic.Balingene Présentation Traité DIP Prof Mampuya Regards sur régionalisme africain

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